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How to Create a PPK file using Putty Gen

Today I will share you some knowledge about my experience in Putty to create a ppk for a server,

Yesterday one of our client ask to create a user in a Ubuntu server and to send him back the ppk file for that user so that he can connect to that user using that ppk. After a long research on Google i have found the way to do that

Note:- why we create ppk file for the user?

When we want to restrict a user to only connect through users with restricted permission so that he/she can do only those jobs or works that he/she is permitted only….

So here we go….

Start puttygen.exe

Click on generate to generate the key for the user. And follow the instruction to generate key

Once the key is generated give the key comment as “user@server”

Now copy the key generated in puttygen

Go to system which you want to connect to, Via any another user.

Open the .ssh/authorized_key file

(for that user whom you are generating the ppk)

Vi  home/username/.ssh/authorized_key

Paste the key here and save it


Now come to puttygen save the private key with the name as you wished.

Connect through the new ppk file.


Give the host name as the server host name.

Go to auth and browse for the newly created ppk file that you have saved. And connect


That it…

Thanks & Regards

Nimai Karmakar


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